Bruce Trampler, IBHOF Inductee, Top Rank Matchmaker

In Boxing, listen to the man who has been in it for decades, and knows the fight game inside and out, as Rick Glaser’s an old school Boxing guy that’s definitely put in the time and work. Rick’s worldwide boxing knowledge and expertise is second to none.

Marc Ratner, former Executive Director of the Nevada Athletic Commission, and IBHOF Inductee

Rick understands the Business and Sport of Professional Boxing.

Don Majeski, Legendary Matchmaker & Boxing Historian

Rick Glaser is the Post Master General of Boxing. He always delivers, 24 hours a day service, with a smile.

Ron Katz, Hall of Fame Matchmaker

I met Rick almost 30 years ago and I’m still trying to buy back my introduction. I tagged Rick with the line back then “Glaser, he’s just a fan with a phonebook”, but he has persevered and gained much knowledge in his years in Boxing. Rick has become one of the leading Agents in the industry worldwide, and has his finger on the pulse of what’s happening in Boxing, not only in North America, but also in the entire world.

Don Elbaum, IBHOF Inductee, Promoter/Matchmaker

I’ve been in Boxing a 100 years, and first thing I do when I have a boxing related problem is call Rick Glaser, he has the unique uncanny ability to come to a resolve for the issue, and very quickly.

Don King, Legendary Boxing Promoter

If I attempted to duplicate Rick Glaser, it would be nearly impossible. Great Boxing guy, excellent Businessman, and just as important, extremely trustworthy, plus he gets results quickly and swiftly.

Randy Gordon, Host of SiriusXM “At the Fights” Former Chairman of the New York State Athletic Commission

When I’m looking for an answer to a current Boxing question, I call Rick Glaser, whom I have known since 1991. Rick has his finger on the pulse of the Boxing business worldwide, as he lives and breathes the Business and Sport of Boxing.

Steve Forbes, former IBF World Champion, and current Boxing promoter

My late great trainer, Roger Mayweather, coined the phrase “You don’t know shit about Boxing” and told me most people don’t know Boxing, but he told me “Rick Glaser, he knows Boxing” and I’ve known Rick since 1996 and I can tell that you Roger wasn’t wrong.

John Wirt, highly regarded Attorney specializing in Boxing Law

I have known Rick Glaser for over 15 years. I first met Rick when I was Counsel to Don King Productions. When I partnered with Roy Jones in Square Ring, I brought Rick in to be our Matchmaker. Rick is intimately knowledgeable with the inner workings and nuances of the Boxing industry at the highest level, and I continue to regularly consult with him and rely on his expertise and advise when I encounter difficult Boxing related issues.

Tony Tolj, leading Boxing manager from Australia

Rick Glaser and I have done business for over 12 years. Rick’s a one stop shop, opponents, sparing partners, dealing with sanctioning bodies, you name it and Rick is on point quickly. Glaser has assisted from Danny Green to Andrew and Jason Moloney as well as all of Dragon Fire Boxings needs. Rick is a fountain of knowledge, and his wisdom is second to none in the fight business, and I recommend contacting Rick if you want to succeed in the Boxing business.

Zahir Raheem, 1996 U.S. Olympian, World title challenger, and now a professional Boxing Trainer based in Atlanta

I’ve known Rick Glaser along time, and he’s always a Gentleman, with tremendous Boxing knowledge of the landscape of Boxing not only in the U.S. but thoughout the World. And no one returns calls faster than Rick! I highly recommend Rick for your best Boxing interests.